Thu. May 28th, 2020
The FBI, CIA Should Investigate Google

The FBI, CIA Should Investigate Google: Billionaire Financier Peter Thiel

Recently, billionaire financier Peter Thiel stated that the CIA and the FBI should look into if Google has been invaded by Chinese intelligence, as per to a report from Axios. Thiel—who is a Facebook board member—was addressing at the NCC (National Conservatism Conference) held in Washington, D.C. and his speech was targeted on three issues that should be presented to the technology giant, Axios said. Thiel stated, “Number one, how many overseas intelligence agencies have invaded your Manhattan project for AI (artificial intelligence)? Secondly, does Google’s senior administration consider itself to have been carefully invaded by Chinese intelligence?”

He stated those issues “need to be investigated by the FBI and the CIA.” Thiel also blamed Alphabet-controlled Google for its work across China. “Number three, is it owing to since they consider themselves to be so systematically invaded that they have involved in the apparently treasonous choice to function with the Chinese military instead with the U.S. military,” Thiel stated. In the last year, Google was implicated after it was disclosed that the company was functioning on a contentious project to start a censored search service—known as Dragonfly—across China. It was stated to be a try to get back in the country’s web search market after years of absence.

Lately, Google was in news for admitting partners leaked over 1,000 personal conversations with Google Assistant. In recent time, Google admitted leak of sound recordings of customer chats with the Google Assistant through some of its associates to a Belgian news site. These conversations are utilized by companies like Google and Amazon—which obtains clips from the Amazon Echo—to develop voice responses by their smart assistants. Allegedly, they are believed to be kept private. But Belgian news site VRT stated that a contractor presented it with samples of such sound samples, which VRT then utilized to recognize some of the people in the clips.

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