Tue. Apr 7th, 2020
LIV Raises $1 Million From Seedcamp And Palmer Luckey

LIV Raises $1 Million From Seedcamp And Palmer Luckey

A Prague-based gaming company, LIV, has been willing to improve VR gaming experience for the audience as well by bringing the competitors and spectators even closer. For pursuing such development, the company has raised $1 Million in funding round. Even though, the funding amount is not highly attractive. But the list of investors supporting LIV includes remarkable names such as Palmer Luckey (Founder of leading VR company, Oculus).

Other supporters in the list are Prague’s Credo Ventures; Venture Capital Seedcamp; Techstars; Splitverse; co-founder and CEO of Beat Games, Jaroslav Beck; and VR company VIVE.

LIV is almost a 3-year old startup established in 2016. Now, the startup is assuming that VR gaming is the newly emerging platform with a promising network comprising massive opportunities. Moreover, several popular websites, such as Twitch, have made it possible to deliver live streams of video games without any lag. However, the spectator experience in VR isn’t very graceful.

On a similar note, online food-delivery services in Latin America are not effectively established. Compared to the number of food places established in the region, very few of them have opted for online delivery services. With the purpose of encouraging people to opt online buying trends, online food-delivery startups go on replicating and expanding throughout the region and venture capitals are arranging huge funding rounds.

VCs across the globe have jointly put in billions of dollars into food delivery market in Latin America. Brazilian Venture Capital company, Movile, has financed Brazilian delivery business iFood with $400 Million, which is one of the largest funding values among Latin American startups till now. In March, SoftBank confirmed an investment of $1 Billion into Colombia’s Rappi.

Geoffrey Michener—CEO and Founder of a platform that maintains records of micro businesses in emerging markets, Dataplor—has raised a total of $2 Million in three fundraising rounds.

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